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You don’t need a shop/office space before starting a business

You don’t necessarily need a shop/or an office before starting a business.

With the the sophistication in Technology and introduction of the Internet, you can start your business online and later go also into offline.

You can start your business from using Facebook, twitter and Instagram, and e-mail, but all these has step to follow to achieve success which in our next post, you are sharing it to you.

You can also after generating much leads purchase a domain name and bring your business to having a website.

If you can’t afford a website yet, you can use websites that allows it users to host (post) their jobs and services on their platform (website and mobile apps). You don’t need to go far, we at TaskXender allows our users (from anywhere in the world host the service their renders on our platform for free and with ease.

You can also post your service on your social media account (Facebook, Instagram, twitter) and tag us with the #Tag (e.g #TaskXender) and get buyers of services contact you.

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