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Reasons Why Employers Conduct Background Checks.

As a result of increase in identity theft and impersonation, Applicants do lie on their Resumes (CVs) and job applications,which expose employers to some potential risks and may leads to making of unsound hiring decision.

Therefore Employers tends to conduct Background Checks to avert risks.

Background checks is a process through which employers verify the authenticity of the information provided to them by their Employee’s/Applicant’s with their respective consent.

Background Checks includes but not limited to Bio-Data Check, Educational history check, employment history, Credit History Check,criminal records check, parent/Guardian Check, Guarantor Check, commercial records, and financial records of an individual or an organization. Different methods are used to complete such a check, from comprehensive data base search to personal references.

Employers conducts background checks because of the following reasons;

Help to employ applicants with job Competence

Establishment of Trust between employers and employee.

It ensures work place safety Workplace Safety

Helps in the employment of individual who has Honesty and Integrity qualities.

Prevention of Forgery and fraud of credentials

Help employers in abiding to Legal and industrial regulations

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